2. Cholesterol 101

  3. Bad vs. Good Cholesterol

  4. Two Sources of High Cholesterol

  5. What are Your Risk Factors?

  6. Cholesterol Testing and Prevention

  7. Cholesterol Level Scale and Cholesterol Risk Charts

  8. Prescription Cholesterol Drugs: Statin Drugs

  9. Natural Cholesterol Reducing Supplements
    1. Beta-Sitosterol and Cholesterol
    2. Gugulipid and Cholesterol
    3. Soy Isoflavones and Lowering Cholesterol
    4. Red Yeast Rice Extract and Lowering Cholesterol

  10. Foods that Lower Cholesterol

  11. Low Cholesterol Diet Plan

  12. Site Map

  13. Testimonials

Everything You Need to Know About Cholesterol, High Cholesterol and Ways You Can Lower Total Cholesterol and Minimize Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke.

High cholesterol is responsible for 70% of heart disease and is the leading killer of both men and women after the age of 45. High cholesterol leads to arterial blockage, hardening of the arteries, blood clots, clogged arteries, heart attacks and stroke.

On the positive side your cholesterol levels can be controlled and in most cases safe cholesterol levels can be reached and maintained in as few as six to eight weeks. Everything you need to know about lowering high cholesterol to healthy levels including low cholesterol foods, low cholesterol diets, cholesterol lowering drugs, cholesterol charts, cholesterol levels and ways to lower cholesterol naturally can be found on this site.

Here is a Summary of the Topics

Cholesterol 101 What Is Cholesterol?

Bad (LDL Cholesterol) vs. Good (HDL Cholesterol)

Two Sources of High Cholesterol

What are Your Risk Factors, Understanding Cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol Testing and Prevention

Cholesterol Level Scale and Cholesterol Risk Charts

Prescription Cholesterol Drugs, the Statin Option

Statin Drugs, Their Benefits and Side Effects

Natural Cholesterol Reducing Supplements

Foods that Lower Cholesterol

Low Cholesterol Diets

Within each topic you will find both the cholesterol information you need and answers to all your high cholesterol questions. And if you want more in depth information such as cholesterol studies, cholesterol risk charts, statin side effects, ways to lower cholesterol, low cholesterol diets, low cholesterol foods and cholesterol treatment options you will find them all here, quickly and easily.

If you are among those who are affected by high cholesterol due to a family history of high cholesterol or if you have high cholesterol because of unhealthy food choices this site will prove invaluable in providing you with answers, tips, treatments and prevention options that will minimize your high cholesterol concerns and worries.

If you are ready get started on a path to great health and get high cholesterol problems behind you, read-on. You can use the navigation buttons on the left or view our site map to access the many helpful topics and answers to any high cholesterol question you may have.

If you have recently taken a cholesterol blood panel test and already know the problems and risk of high cholesterol you may want to consider this All natural Cholesterol Treatment that guarantees to lower high cholesterol by at least 40 points in just 8 weeks or less. It’s free of side effects and very affordable.Thousands have found this natural option the right choice for them.

Next: Cholesterol 101. Get the Basic information you need to understand the causes and types of cholesterol that have an effect on your heart health and risks of serious problems such as heart attack and stroke.


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